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    All states require drivers to have a minimum level of auto insurance. Currently, Alabama requires that drivers have bodily injury liability and property damage liability insurance, and that proof of said insurance be with you in the vehicle at all times. Alternatively, drivers can pay a cash deposit of no less than $50,000 with the Alabama DMV or sign a vehicle liability bond.

    Please be advised that if you do not have proof of insurance when you’re pulled over, your license could be potentially suspended, and you can face up to $500 in fines for a first offense. Looking for cheap Alabama car insurance? Enter your zip code above to compare lowest rates in your area.

    Alabama Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements

    The minimum limits required by the State of Alabama are 25/50/25. What this translates to is: $25,000 for bodily injury coverage to a maximum of $50,000 per accident, and $25,000 for property damages.

    Keep in mind that these are the bare minimum, and many drivers opt to get additional insurance. Some get higher liability limits and others get additional options like collision and comprehensive. Comp and collision help you by covering your car. They allow you to pay up to a predetermined deductible and then the insurer pays up to the fair market value of your car.

    Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

    Currently the State of Alabama doesn’t require UM or UIM coverage. However, this type of coverage is always a good idea, because, as the name suggests, if a driver hits you and doesn’t have insurance or enough insurance, the UM/UIM insurance will kick in and protect you.

    Additional Information on Alabama Car Insurance

    Alabama is not considered a no-fault state. No-fault states require that drivers get Personal Injury Protection, which is like bodily injury liability, except it covers the policyholder regardless of who is at fault. It helps with such things as medical bills, death expenses, lost wages, and other damages.

    Alabama currently requires SR22 filings in order to reinstate a license. What an SR22 document does is provide proof that you are complying with state law and carry the minimum required levels of auto insurance. Generally, only people who have had their licenses revoked and are interested in reinstating them need file an SR22.

    In addition, Alabama, as all states, has DUI laws. Currently, if your BAL (Blood Alcohol Content) is 0.08%, you are considered driving under the influence. For the first DUI infraction, your license will be revoked for the next 90 days, and you can face potential fines and imprisonment. Implied consent law states that if you refuse testing if you’re pulled over for suspected DUI, your license will automatically be revoked.

    If you need any additional information, please visit the Alabama Department of Insurance online at www.aldoi.gov or call them at 334-269-3550.

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