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    After buying an automobile or deciding to change automobile insurance companies, it is crucial that you do some shopping around for the right company for you. It is truly as easy as easy as visiting alabamainsurancequotes.net and submitting some relevant information. On that website, you  will find some cheap car insurance in Mobile, AL.

    Save Money Monthly by Comparing Mobile Car Insurance Quotes

    By researching the average insurance rates for your area, you can save more money than you would otherwise. The average cost of vehicle insurance in Mobile, AL is $1,559 annually. The average cost of automotive insurance in the county of Mobile, where Mobile is located, is $1,556 annually. The average annual cost for insurance in Alabama is $1,413.

    Factors Contributing to Costs of Auto Insurance in Mobile, AL

    When an automobile insurance company determines the costs of a particular individual’s insurance policy, several factors are considered. These factors are important, because certain risk indicators have been found in conjunction with more accidents and  vehicle thefts. The factors include, but are not limited to: age, occupation, gender, car make/model, and accident history. The following four factors play a crucial role in determining an individual’s automobile insurance policy rate.

    • Location – Where the person lives plays a big role in the amount of his or her insurance rates. The total population in Mobile, AL is 195,111 people, as of the latest count in 2010. In areas where there is a higher population, automobile insurance rates tend to be higher. The population density for this city is 1,655 people per square mile, as of 2010.
    • Driving to Work – Individuals who drive to work during the hours of peak traffic tend to have to pay higher insurance rates than those who do not. Conversely, individuals who commute during hours that are off-peak may be eligible for a discount on their insurance. The great majority of people have a commute time of between 10 and 20 minutes to work. In the last year that was reported, 2009, there were 7.2 fatalities out of 100,000 population due to traffic accidents.
    • Auto Thefts – If you own a vehicle that has a higher risk of theft, you more than likely will pay more for your automobile insurance. Factors such as whether a car has an antitheft device(s) installed, the location where you live, and the model of the automobile are included in this category. In Mobile, AL there were 950 auto thefts in 2009, or 385.9 per 100,000 population.
    • Education – Surprisingly, a person’s education level will factor into their insurance rate. Drivers who have achieved a higher educational level tend to be offered lower insurance rates. In Mobile, 27.3% of the individuals have a high school degree or the equivalent, which is lower than the Alabama percentage. The percentage of individuals who have a Bachelor’s degree is 15.8%, which is higher than that of the whole state.

    For a comparison of automotive insurance quotes, visit alabamacarinsurancequotes.net. It is fairly simple to use this website to find the insurance you want. Simply input your information into the relevant quote generator box, and you will see the best insurance rates for Mobile, AL.

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